Shoe Etiquette By Shamia J.

Shoe Etiquette By Shamia J.

What is Shoe Etiquette?

  • The understanding of what shoe best fits you around Sizing, Style, Comfort & Appropriateness.

Why is "Shoe Etiquette" Important?

  • As women we all want to be stylish. As we're stylish, we should know what shoes best fit us. We cannot be outside walking barefoot or heels leaning due to our body structure and discouraged shopping habitats.

Impact Shoe Etiquette Has ...

  • After successfully having three Shoe Etiquette events in Philadelphia & Atlanta. The feedback has showed me that when you learn your foot structure, width, proper sizing and what heel heights are for you, immediately, you start shopping for you. Not for what you see via social media, magazines or walking down the street.

Target Audience ..

  • Women of all shapes and sizes. Starting as young as 15, can benefit from this knowledge. Ages where we start wearing heeled shoes.

Grab a friend or THREE & meet me at the next "Shoe Etiquette" event coming to a city near YOU.

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